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OAA is an international service initiative as a result of 22 years of experience in business and brand management. It has served in more than 45 countries so far.

Mainly providing services in business and brand management, OAA also; provides training, personal development, design services and consultancy services.


Akın Atilla

He has been in professional business life since 2002. He has worked in various sectors in positions such as CEO, COO, CMO, VP. 

He also worked in managerial positions in areas such as project management, product management, branding, brand management, consultancy, business and process management, local and international marketing, and strategy development.

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Creating the image of brands should emerge as part of a whole, not alone.

Elements such as technology development, brand positioning, business management, human resources should work together, rhythmically and uninterruptedly, like parts of an orchestra.

Akın Atilla

Innovation Centers

OAA-IC (OAA Innovation Centers) is an initiative that establishes and implements innovation centers and technology development concepts.

While establishing innovation centers, it carries out operations from top to bottom on branding, institutionalization, technical infrastructure, concept, operation, curriculum creation, continuity and sustainability.


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