I worked in the IT sector, media, publishing, brand management, construction and real estate.

Innovation and development are at the core of every enterprise. Achieving this is possible with patience and stability.

Akın Atilla
Hello everyone,

I'm Akın

He has been in professional business life since 2002. He has worked in various sectors in positions such as CEO, COO, CMO, VP. 

He also worked in managerial positions in areas such as project management, product management, branding, brand management, consultancy, business and process management, local and international marketing, and strategy development.

He actively provides consultancy to many companies and also takes various roles in the boards of directors and operations of companies.

Sectors he works in;

Years Experience
Completed Projects


Egemen Group
Technical Specialist

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Cygate Technology
Senior Project Coordinator

Turkiye, UAE, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Teknomen Information Technology Co.
Marketing and Project Director

Turkiye, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Acon Construction Gabon & Atilla Construction International
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Romania, Gabon, Hungary, Algeria

Acon d.o.o.
VP, International Marketing and Project Director

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary

Atilla Group d.o.o.
Executive Director, Member of the Board

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Burkina Faso, UAE,
Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Ghana

Smart Life Software and IT Systems
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Country Manager

Turkiye, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt

SmartHome Turkiye
Executive Manager, Country General Manager


OAA Community
(Ventures, Innovations, Design, Strategy)
Founder, CEO

Turkiye, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Atilla Group
CEO, Member of the Board


Acon Tobacco Industries & Wonnerbar Premium Products
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Brand Officer


Acon Real Estate Investment Trust
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Marketing Officer


Companies founded

Orange Tree 
Advertising Agency

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Cyprus Science and Technology
Newspaper and TV Program
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Greart Agency
Media and Advertising Agency

United States of America

Gri Community
Cast and Media Agency

Bosnia and Herzegovina

OAA Ventures and Operations
Consulting, IT and Brand Managament 

Turkiye, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

OAA Innovations Centers
Innovation and Technology Development Centers

Turkiye, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Design and Build
Architectural and Engineering Services, Project Development